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The Password Saga


SUPER PASSWORD (1984-89) [1 episode]
The fifth "Last Password" done, and I think it's the best the franchise ever got.
* February 16, 1989: BETTY WHITE & McLean Stevenson (who seems to have trouble reading the passwords). Begins with Cristy vs. Wendy ($6,200), continued from last time. Has a LOT of fun events and a Contestant Plug, highly-recommended! [D-30.2/OB, KING-5 {Seattle, Washington}]

MILLION-DOLLAR PASSWORD (2008-09) [2 episodes]
Of all the game shows that could've been modified for OMGMILLIONBUX, I'm pretty sure Password wasn't one of 'em, especially since the format's closer to Pyramid. Some celebs were good, but in the end it got canned after 12 episodes (six per season) solely because the show's demographics were wrong.
Season One (June-July 2008)
* June 1, 2008 (#106 {first aired}, taped 3/08): Rachael Ray & Neil Patrick Harris. Josh vs. Melanie, then Alexis vs. Eric. Original commercials, slightly grainy video that screws up at times. [59.6/OB, WPEC-12 {West Palm Beach, Florida}]
* June 12, 2008 (#102 {3rd aired}, taped 3/08): BETTY WHITE & Suzie Essman. Steve vs. Nadia, then Karin vs. Linda. 8/3/08 repeat with commercials, pretty grainy-but-watchable video that screws up at times. [60.10/RPT, WPEC-12]

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