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All individual television shows listed in my collection are copyrighted trademarks of their respective companies/rights-holders. I own nothing, aside from any and all videotapes/DVDs that are listed (e.g., I own copies of certain episodes, but not the programs themselves).

I played with the idea of a personal website for years, but I was young and inexperienced and didn't know the first thing about how to make a website, much less upkeep. I recall trying around 2007, and smiled at the sample page the site had fed out...and then I looked at the "free" page. My response wasn't good -- and trust me, it would've been worse today because I since learned George Carlin's seven dirty words; I don't like that I know them, but I know them.

In mid-2009, having gotten considerably into collecting and trading, I discovered Ryan Rinkerman's page here on Angelfire. Not only did his massive/great collection help me with dating a few shows in my own (considerably smaller) collection, the style of his pages were very, very nice -- considerably better than other sites I've seen where the collection is all on one page about three miles/75 minutes long, and/or were way too bright/dark (neon-yellow on neon-red is not eye-friendly, people!) -- and I wanted a site just like that.

(No offense to the collectors who use such page formats, or their collections. Some of the formats I've come across are A) not friendly to slower browsers/connections {although I have a pretty good pairing right now}, B) not pleasant on the eyes, or C) hard to understand...or some combination of the three.)

Anyway, Ryan's pages stated that they were created using Easy Text-To-HTML Converter, and so I downloaded it and fed in my old documents. The resulting pages were very confusing, very messy, and otherwise very ugly. I really did not want to give up just yet, but I know next to nothing about HTML and the strings needed to produce certain colors. I pulled up the source code for Ryan's pages (through my browser), copied them to my site, played around with the settings a bit, and (obviousness coming up) replaced his listings in said source code with my own. The resulting site looks...pretty decent, in my opinion.

So quite a lot of thanks go to you, Ryan. Had I not come across your website, I would've very likely given up forever on making my own.

I own one copy of each board game I review, and won't review anything I don't personally own. All pictures and personal observations seen in the reviews are mine and mine alone.

Review format from The Game Show Home Game Home Page. Matt Ottinger is an awesome guy and a huge game show fan, and he has devoted quite a lot of his time into TWO massive/awesome sites (the other being the Bill Cullen Homepage), so go visit what is obviously a labor of love.

The review format used on the GSHGHP inspired me to use a similar review format, with two major differences: my personal observations are the first thing you see on the page (kindly suggested to me by Matt himself), and while Matt's reviews lean more toward the collector (is this game worth being in your collection?) mine lean more toward the casual gamer (is this game fun to play?). Again, check out Matt's page, it's good stuff.

I likely won't update on a consistent basis, so don't be alarmed if it takes a while -- I'm probably busy doing some important business, catching up on some DVDs/tapes for this collection, or feeling under the weather. Or asleep, even though I have updated this site when I really should be in bed. Furthermore, I don't guarantee any of the things I may say will be funny.

Due to a technical difficulty, the third part of this page was re-typed and the website edited. Gift certificates do not include sales tax.

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