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Dan's Game Show Library

Hey, friend! Welcome to my humble website. Where do you want to go?

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Tape Trading
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The Other Guy (1967, WGN)
Pay Cards! Version I (1969, Whitman; includes details on Versions II and III)

LAST UPDATED: November 12, 2016
First update in over a year (yay :P) and it's to finish up the Reality Shows page, which up until now just had the placeholder formatting present. I've also gone through the other collection pages to do some much-needed cleanup and remove some extraneous info and such. I also split the one page for old updates into two (one for the collection, the other for the main page).

Hopefully, I'll be able to get my entire "old" collection up by Christmas...and then we can finally start on the stuff I've gotten ahold of since starting this page so long ago. :)
* Some links will direct you to placeholders, already containing all the non-content formatting -- table of contents, backdrop, etc. Having a "placeholder" allows me to simply add my collection without having to create the page as well.
* Any "new" additions, unless specified otherwise, are what I had in my collection before I began putting it online.

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