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Closed indefinitely.

-First, the really obvious one -- I DON'T TRADE FOR MONEY OR BLANK TAPES/DISCS. I'm not sure of their legality, but I'd rather not do them.
-If we trade and your shipment to me consists entirely of blank tapes/discs, you'll be blocked and put on a blacklist.
-I prefer NTSC tapes/discs, but will gladly accept PAL formats if necessary (at least for discs; I don't know if I can play PAL tapes).
-I'm a very busy guy, but I'll always respond to questions (including concerns or info about certain episodes). If you haven't received a response, don't worry -- I'm getting around to it. ;)
-I enjoy commercials, especially on older shows, and I love to see if I can glean an airdate from them (keeps the brain working, you know :). If I request an episode that has the commercials intact, please leave them in. Same goes for commercials right before and after the show, if any.
-If I decline a trade, or the distribution center is closed, don't worry about it! You can either make a YouTube request (I try to honor requests when I have the ability to do so) or try again here in a week or so.

In the meantime, if you want to see what I'd like to add to my collection, check out the Wantlist!

NOTE #1: For my listings, I prefer codes that are simple, basic, and self-explanatory. That said, I realize that certain people need a guide to listings -- those that are new to the tape-trading business, those that need a refresher course, or those who just like browsing traders' collections and see various kinds of listing-keys. On that subject, I've written a key to the style of listings I use.

NOTE #2: Where possible, I have removed the winnings for returning champions to minimize spoilers. If you want winnings for any episode(s), please let me know.

LAST UPDATED 11/12/16: Finished the Reality Shows page.


Family Feud
The Price Is Right (Cullen Era + CBS Daytime)
The Price Is Right (Syndicated Versions + CBS Primetime)
Wheel of Fortune
You Bet Your Life


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