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Two great tastes that should've tasted great together, except for a lack of regulars and a bizarre case of Goodson failing to understand Squares - scenario-esque either/or questions that leave no room for bluffing, celebs who were clearly not given Zingers, and a host who isn't named Peter Marshall.
NOTE: Celebrities are listed in the order they appear on Match, followed by the two added for Squares. Jon and Gene always sit in the lower-left corner.
* June 29, 1984 ("Athol"): Jamie Farr, McLean Stevenson, Heidi Bohay, Linda Dano, Arsenio Hall, Paula Kelly, ARLENE FRANCIS, CHUCK WOOLERY. Joe vs. Chris (a girl), with Nancy (Day 3 - $22,350) playing later. Gene directly points out the flawed Squares questions at one point! One original commercial (for the Scrabble debut, using Pilot clips and audience testimony) and a Ticket Plug! [D-23.1/OB, WPTV-5 {West Palm Beach, Florida}]
* July 26, 1984: Roger E. Mosley, Phyllis Diller, Charles Nelson Reilly, Fannie Flagg, Roxie Roker, Leonard Frey, Barry Gordon, Constance McCashin. Karen vs. Tara, with Zachary (Day 2 - $2,025) playing later. Has a Contestant Plug, average quality, first five seconds missing, ends during credits. [D-23.2/OB, WBAZ-3]
* July 27, 1984 (Unannounced Finale): Roger E. Mosley, Phyllis Diller, Charles Nelson Reilly, Constance McCashin, Fannie Flagg, Leonard Frey, Barry Gordon, Roxie Roker. Begins with Angela vs. Sallie. Has a Ticket Plug, tape speeds up just before Jon is introduced in the second half (but rewinds back to the beginning of that half), ends during credits. [D-30.1/OB, WNBC-4 {New York}]

Merv's last game had an great concept but failed almost everywhere - cheap payouts, no audience, no returning champs, an airing schedule that played Payout Hopscotch, and a robotic host in Ty Treadway who never improved at all. THIS managed to last 45 weeks?!
Crossword Getaways present, Crossword Extras have no betting and no sponsor, bonus round offers a trip for finishing the board plus $100 per solved word (first episodes taped)
* September 22, 2008 (aired 9/28/07): Ira vs. Jean. Spoilers: Gerald, Julie, Ivan. Original commercials. [44.4/OB, WFLX-29 {West Palm Beach, Florida}]
Crossword Getaways present, Crossword Extras have betting and no sponsor, bonus round offers $2,000 and a trip (first episodes aired)
* September 10, 2007 (Premiere/27th taped): NEVILLE FOGARTY vs. Pam. Spoilers: Richard, Ramit, Scott. LAST-SECOND BONUS WIN! Original commercials. [40.6/OB, WFLX-29]
* September 28, 2007: Phil vs. Megan. Spoilers: Ellie, Tody, Diana. Original commercials. [44.3/OB, WFLX-29]
* October 8, 2007: Mark vs. Cathy. Spoilers: Nan, Jeremy, Lynnette. Original commercials, crackling noise almost throughout. [45.1/OB, WFLX-29]
* October 29, 2007: Byrnes vs. Terry. Spoilers: Ken, Jeanne, Benjamin. Original commercials. [48.3/OB, WFLX-29]
* April 1, 2008: Tim vs. Pam. Spoilers: George, Catherine, Michael. 65-second bonus win! Original commercials. [58.4/OB, WFLX-29]
* July 31, 2008 (aired 11/2/07): Leo vs. Kristin. Spoilers: Evan, Rebecca, Patrick. Original commercials. [49.9/OB, WFLX-29]
* August 20, 2008 (aired 10/29/07): Andrew vs. Jennifer. Spoilers: Kirven, Nan, John. Only $1,200 is given away! Original commercials. [48.4/OB, WFLX-29]
* September 24, 2008 (aired 10/8/07): Irwin vs. Nancy. Spoilers: Jerry, Diane, Morris. Only $300 and a trip to Vegas is given away! Original commercials. [45.2/OB, WFLX-29]
Crossword Getaways not present, Crossword Extras have betting and sponsor, bonus round offers an Xbox 360 along with the $5,000 and trip
* November 2, 2007: Jim vs. Bernadette. Spoilers: Penny, Dave, Amy. Original commercials, intro and second contestant interview missing. [49.8/OB, WFLX-29]
* November 7, 2007: Frank (really freaky smile) vs. Dian (looks like Brett Somers). Spoilers: Sewell, Eva, George. Original commercials. [50.3/OB, WFLX-29]
* November 9, 2007: Matt vs. Bunny. Spoilers: Don, Eva, Richard. Very painful to watch... Original commercials, no intro. [50.10/OB, WFLX-29]
* March 27, 2008 (aired 11/8/07): Gary vs. Jeanne. Spoilers: Mitch, Jonathan, Stephen. Original commercials, no intro. [50.7/OB, WFLX-29]
Crossword Getaways not present, Crossword Extras have betting and no sponsor, Edd Hall introduces Spoilers, bonus round offers $5,000 and a trip
* December 25, 2007: Richard (really dumb) vs. Vimala. Spoilers: Julie, Don, Carolyn. PAINFUL Bonus Round! Original commercials. [53.7/OB, WFLX-29]
* January 31, 2008 (aired 12/25/07): T.J. vs. Jan. Spoilers: Barry, Lisa, John. Weird event in Round 3! Original commercials. [53.8/OB, WFLX-29]
* February 1, 2008 (aired 4/1/08): Noah (sounds bored) vs. Esther. Spoilers: MICHAEL FALK, Jim, Julie. Original commercials. [58.5/OB, WFLX-29]
* November 13, 2008 (aired 9/10/07): John vs. Barbara. Spoilers: Robyn, Martin, Terry (a girl). Huge winner! Original commercials. [40.7/OB, WFLX-29]

Exploitation doesn't get much more naked than this, although in fairness at least one lady went on for good, pure reasons and won; unfortunately, Season Three didn't air in the States, but at least she got her money.
Season One (January-April 2008)
* January 30, 2008: George Ortuzar at Question #8, second contestant hears Question #10 before the show ends. Original commercials. [56.3/OB, WFLX-29 {West Palm Beach, Florida}]

MONOPOLY [1 episode]
Good-but-not-great adaptation with bad time management and at least one format hole as a result. Oh, and the host sucks. Awesome set, though.
* August 11, 1990: Chris vs. Helen vs. Victor. Hostess: Michelle Nicholas. Has an odd issue involving "Walla Walla Washington", and it's completely Mike's fault. Original commercials, ends during credits. [D-8.3/OB, WMBB-TV 13 {Panama City, Florida}]

MY GENERATION [1 episode]
Good semi-revival of The Generation Gap, with a great "virtual set" that probably looked like crap in reality. A shame that only 48 episodes were made.
* March 1998 (early episode): Mark & Chuck (1968) vs. Rhandi & Mike (1984). [D-17.4/OB]

THE NAME'S THE SAME (Robert Q. Lewis, 1951-54) [1 episode, 2 clips]
Great show from the early days of ABC that also got Gene Rayburn under the watchful eyes of Goodson-Todman.
* July 7, 1953: Carl Reiner, Joan Alexander, Gene Rayburn (his debut!). Players: Huey P. Long, Ruby Lips. Special Guest: Peter Lawford. [D-29.7/GSN]
* July 28, 1953: Full segment (6 minutes, 23 seconds); Carl Reiner, Joan Alexander, Bill Stern. Contestant: A. Hen, and Robert forgets who's sponsoring the show! [D-32.7/GSN]
* August 4, 1953: Full segment (7 minutes, 26 seconds); Carl Reiner, Joan Alexander, Bill Stern. Contestant: A. Harem, in a HILARIOUS segment! [D-32.8/GSN]

THE NAME'S THE SAME (Season Four, 1954-55) [1 episode]
The final season had a new sponsor (Ralston Purina), a new set, a new timeslot, and a revolving emcee chair.
Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding (April-June 1955)
* April 25, 1955: Roger Price, Audrey Meadows, Walter Slezak, Laraine Day. Players: A. Red Cheek, Arthur Godfrey, Mrs. Paul Catellera. Special Guest: Emmett Kelly. Original commercials, plus Ticket and Contestant Plugs! [D-28.4/KIN]

Boring 50/50 guessing games with broken/convoluted rules (even if you win, you can still lose), cheap/lame prizes ($10,000 K-Mart gift card, woo), tons of post-production crap, and a "seeded" home-viewer contest (any unnecessary in-show balls are removed, so One Aways/Bingos happen on-air when they shouldn't). It's just not worth your time.
Hostess: Elizabeth Flores (Premiere only)
* May 18, 2007 (Premiere): Bingo 500, Win the VIN, Wedding Game. Game 1 shows why some people (including myself) don't like this show. Original commercials (including a Cavemen promo; yay), three-second blackout during Game 2 explanation. [31.5/OB, WPLG-10 {Miami, Florida}]

THE NEWLYWED GAME (Bob Eubanks/ABC Daytime, 1966-74) [2 episodes]
Early shows were relatively tame, but that quickly changed. Probably the most recognizable Barris format, although it was really made by Nicholson-Muir.
* 1972: Paul & Emma Bohanek vs. Robert & Shannon Carr vs. Archie & Sandra Brown vs. Pete & Bev Farr. "What is the last thing you commemorated?" that so hard? First few seconds missing. [D-32.1/GSN]
* December 20, 1974 (Finale/Reunion Day): Lore & Frey vs. Kenny & Debbie vs. Tim & Sandy vs. Jay & Francine. Cast and crew celebrate Christmas during the credits! 12/31/99 "Y2Play" airing, with an intro by Charles Nelson Reilly. [D-32.2/GSN]

THE NEW NEWLYWED GAME (Bob Eubanks/Syndication, 1985-88) [1 clip]
The height of the show's run, getting better and better (the blue set/logo were great, and the money-based format was a nice touch).
Yellow set and logo (1985-87)
* 1986: Ray & Celeste vs. Paul & Rose vs. Adonis & Donna vs. McConnell? & Lisa. 3/20/03 repeat, final segment only...and don't blink or you'll miss the Contestant Plug! [34.1/GSN]

THE OBJECT IS... [1 episode]
...A Password clone, although it really isn't that bad. The humble beginning for Dick Clark, who would transcend to greatness once 1973 rolled along.
Second format: two celebrities, two contestants (March 1964, last two weeks only)
{YT}* March 26, 1964 (2nd-to-last): Joan Caulfield & Stubby Kaye. Nola (Champ) vs. Leonard, continued from yesterday with Stephanie playing later. Original commercials, plus Stubby plugs the debut of Shenanigans! [D-11.8/KIN]

OH MY WORD (KGO-7 {San Francisco, California}, 1965-66) [1 episode]
Primitive version of Wordplay that even predates Liars Club! And it's a fun game, too.
{YT}* November 13, 1965 (#OMW-L5, taped 11/3/65): Merla Zellerbach, Paul Speegle, Kathryn Ish, Scott Beach. Buddy Greco vs. Sal Mineo. Studio master with slate! [D-10.4/KIN-SM]

OKAY, MOTHER [1 episode]
Saluting mothers and what they do. Quite fun.
* July 18, 1950: First game is Mother-Grams, and a man becomes a "Lucky Mother"! Special Guest: Judith Doniger. Original commercials, VERY highly recommended! [D-27.1/KIN]

1 VS. 100 (NBC, 2006-08) [1 episode]
Prove you're smarter than 100 people, win big money. Bob Saget does well here, and the formats aren't that bad, but did they really have to go and spoil the only $1,000,000 win of the series?
Season Two (January-February 2008; debut of Format #3, awarding money for every ten Mob members removed)
* January 4, 2008 (Season Premiere/Battle of the Sexes): Katherine vs. 100 Men, then Jason vs. 100 Women. $1,000,000 WIN! Original commercials, pretty grainy video that screws up at times and flickers between color and B/W occasionally (going to even grainier monochrome with brief color flickers for the last 15 minutes or so). [55.3/OB, WPTV-5 {West Palm Beach, Florida}]

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