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DEAL OR NO DEAL (NBC, 2005-09) [4 episodes]
Don't get me started. Began pretty well and cemented Howie Mandel as a great emcee, but then hauled out a metric ton of gimmicks and giving away outcomes in promos. Also, padding. Lots and lots of frickin' padding.
Season Three (2007-08)
* October 19, 2007 ("Breast Cancer Awareness" Special): Contestant is Ashley. Guests: Sharon Osbourne, Elizabeth Edwards, Alec Baldwin. Original commercials, first few seconds missing, average video. [48.1/OB, WTVJ-6 {Miami, Florida}]
* December 25, 2007 (Christmas Special): Begins with Harriet at 25 Cases. Original commercials, pretty grainy video, crackly audio (stops around the 21-minute mark). [54.1/OB, WTVJ-6]
* January 3, 2008 (Million-Dollar Mission II, Night 2): Contestant is Heather, with three $1,000,000 cases, who makes history! Original commercials (including a Season Premiere promo for 1 vs. 100!), grainy-but-watchable video that screws up at times. [55.1/OB, WPTV-5 {West Palm Beach, Florida}]
* May 7, 2008 (Around the World, Estonia): Begins with Dave at 26 Cases. Original commercials, first several minutes missing (begins with Dave at 20 Cases), pretty grainy video that screws up at times and is monochrome for about the first 40 minutes (the color flickers afterward, but stabilizes late in Game 2). [59.4/OB, WPTV-5]

DOCTOR I.Q. (ABC-TV, 1953-54) [1 episode]
Anyone could play, with winners getting Silver Dollars and losers getting a year's supply of Hazel Bishop lipstick. I...I don't know, really...
James "Jimmy" McClain (1954)
* May 1954: Contestants include a 9-year-old boy. Look for a young Art Fleming assisting McClain! Original commercials and a "Ten Brief Facts" Plug! [D-27.3/KIN]

DOCTOR I.Q. (Tom Kennedy, 1958-59) [1 episode]
Revival of ABC's "completely unrehearsed" quiz that paid out meager prizes compared to...pretty much everything else, actually.
* December 15, 1958 (Premiere): Contestants include a little boy and a 14-year-old girl. Original commercials, plus Home Viewer and "Lady In The Balcony" Plugs! [D-27.4/KIN]

DON'T FORGET THE LYRICS! (FOX, 2007-09) [1 clip]
People try to win $1,000,000 by doing what they do when they're drunk (karaoke)...minus the drunk, of course. Maybe.
* January 31, 2008: Last 2:04, where 11-YEAR-OLD SHAMARI WINS $350,000! [56.6/OB, WFLX-29 {West Palm Beach, Florida}]

DOWN YOU GO (Dr. Bergen Evans, 1951-56) [1 episode]
Long-running game of televised hangman, with phrases sent in by home viewers and a host who wants them to win. Evans hosted all of the first three runs, with Bill Cullen taking over for the NBC run in Summer 1956.
CBS Primetime (June-September 1955)
* Summer 1955: Francis Coughlin, Patricia Cutts, Jerome Weidman, Laraine Day. Includes Phrase Submission Plug and commercial "frames", plus JACK CLARK appears with a phrase for the viewers! [D-27.2/KIN]

DREAM HOUSE (ABC Daytime, 1968-70) [1 episode]
Good show that promised more than it could deliver (by mid-1969, none of the 12 houses had been built), so they offered an airplane to quit after five rooms and $20,000 as an alternate reward for getting all seven. Didn't work.
Original Format (1968-69)
{YT}* August 1968: Doyle & Pam Marshand vs. Susan & Jerry Dupree, with Celie & Dick Hanower playing later. The champs from last time (Jim & Bridget Kelly) aren't here because they had a baby "early this morning" named Mary Ellen! Original commercials and a Ticket Plug! [D-11.5/KIN]

DUEL (Tournament Format, December 2007 {six-night event}) [2 episodes]
Good idea, poorly executed - stereotypes, people winning with $0, a stiff host (Mike Greenberg), and a Tournament where three people didn't even get to play. This was Duel on ABC.
* December 17, 2007 (Premiere, 90 minutes): Begins with Sue (Internet Censor) vs. Marco (ATM Tech). Jackpot starts at $20,000. Original commercials, grainy-but-watchable video. [52.9/OB, WPLG-10 {Miami, Florida}]
* December 23, 2007 (Season Finale, 60 minutes): Begins with Ken (Alligator Wrestler) vs. Jim (Fire Captain) in a rematch for Slot #4 of the Tournament ladder. Jackpot starts at $1,450,000...but boy does all this buildup lead to an anticlimax. Original commercials, pretty grainy video that screws up at times. [53.2/OB, WPLG-10]

DUEL (Self-Contained Format, April-July 2008) [1 episode]
Made all the right improvements, plus Greenberg's far more relaxed.
* April 18, 2008: Begins with Byron (Game 2) vs. Jessica. $50,000 WIN! Original commercials, grainy-but-watchable video that screws up at times for first two minutes, followed by "The Dreaded White Line at The Bottom of The Screen" for the rest of the show. [59.1/OB, WPLG-10]

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50 GRAND SLAM [2 episodes]
Short-lived attempt to make a 1970s big-money quiz with isolation booths. Despite being on for just 13 weeks, it gave away the $50,000 five times. Unfortunately, none of those seem to exist...
* October 4, 1976 (Premiere): Sister MarthaAnn vs. David in American Women, Lee vs. Marge in Golf (which doesn't go too well...), Carolyn vs. Bonnie in General Knowledge. Allen Ludden appears to promote Stumpers! Original commercials and a Contestant Plug, video screws up during Tom's explanation of the rules (especially while the dollar amounts climb to $50,000). [D-32.5/OB, KNBC-4 {Los Angeles, California}]
* December 31, 1976 (Finale): Duane (for $500) vs. Terri in General Knowledge: Prominent Members of the Clergy, RoseLee (for $500) vs. Bonnie in 20th-Century American Fiction, Duane vs. Lanny in General Knowledge: Flowers, Randy (for $1,000) vs. Dusty in TV Trivia: Maverick. Has a GREAT closing from Tom! [D-32.6/SM]

GAME SHOW MARATHON [*6 episodes of a 7-episode series*]
Sloppily-edited mess where many things are inaccurate and others are just plain wrong. The first two episodes in particular are really just a glorified insult.
* May 31, 2006 (Premiere, taped 3/06): "Salutes" The Price Is Right by using an hour-long slot to play a half-hour adaptation of about a dozen international formats. Hole In One (for a Cadillac!), Plinko, Race Game. Original commercials, second Hole In One putt and stuck Plinko chip missing (the show's doing, not mine). [24.1/OB, WPEC-12 {West Palm Beach, Florida}]
* June 1, 2006 (taped 3/06): "Salutes" Let's Make A Deal, with special guest Gilbert Gottfried. First deal is Ricki's Money Machine. Big Deal: $87,044. Enjoy pricing-based games and prize values ending in cents, because there's none of either in the subsequent revival! Original commercials, Kathy Najimy's deal missing (done by the show, not me). [24.2/OB, WPEC-12]
* June 7, 2006 (taped 3/06): Salutes Beat the Clock. First Stunt: Get a playpen over to two bottles. Original commercials. [25.1/OB, WPEC-12]
* June 8, 2006 (taped 3/30/06): Salutes Press Your Luck, with HUGE values on the Big Board and a Flokati Rug hit! Original commercials, ends with a dedication to Peter Tomarken. [25.2/OB, WPEC-12]
* June 15, 2006 (taped 3/ or 4/06): Salutes Card Sharks with most of the NBC atmosphere plus the late-1980s Audience Questions. Audience Members: Cheerleaders. CAR WIN! Original commercials, including a promo for The Price Is Right! [26.1/OB, WPEC-12]
* June 22, 2006 (taped 3/ or 4/06): Salutes Match Game by using "'73" in the logo and the three-round PM format. Panel: George Foreman, Kathy Griffin, Bruce Vilanch, Adrianne Curry, Adam Corolla, BETTY WHITE. $50,000 WIN! Original commercials. [26.2/OB, WPEC-12]

GO! [1 episode]
Interesting Chain Reaction spin-off that ran just under four months.
"Returning Champs" Format (October 1983, first four weeks)
* October 3, 1983 (Premiere): Elaine Joyce & Richard Kline. Patty/Corey/Sharon/Gene vs. Lissa/John/Blair/Chari. [D-13.4/GSN]

HAGGIS BAGGIS (NBC Daytime, 1958-59) [1 episode]
The Face Is Familiar meets the Get Rich Quick! bonus round.
Dennis James (February-June 1959)
* February 18, 1959: Mrs. Sheehan (Champ) vs. Hastie? DeLancy, with Harold Kall and Carol Highman playing later. Original commercials (including promos for You Bet Your Life and The Price Is Right!} and a Contest Plug, first few seconds missing, B/W video. [D-10.1/KIN]

HELL'S KITCHEN [1 episode]
Name, opening sequence, and the occasional moron aside, it's good. Gordon Ramsay is...pretty awesome in his honesty, actually.
Season Three (June-August 2007)
* August 13, 2007 (Season Finale): The final two contestants face off! Original commercials, not-so-great video. [38.3/OB, WSVN-7 {Miami, Florida}]

HIT MAN [3 episodes]
Great 13-week show that's been stuck in limbo because the still-picture "fact films" were licensed for one showing each.
* March 29, 1983: Sheila vs. Bart vs. Liz. Champ: Woodryan (Day 6 - $18,300). Subjects: Stardom and Winston Churchill. Has a voiceover promo for the debuts of Dream House and The New Battlestars, first few seconds missing, ends during credits. [D-29.2/OB, WTCK-11]
* March 30, 1983: Begins with Johanna vs. Larry vs. Laura. Subjects: Jean Harlow and Prophets. No last segment (no gameplay lost). [D-29.3/OB]
* April 1, 1983 (Finale/"FORGET IT!"): Begins with Maureen vs. RANDY WEST vs. Janet. Subjects: Gene Kelly and Vice Presidents. Has the infamous Contestant Plug and a great goodbye by Peter, sound drops out briefly during Gene Kelly film. [D-29.4/OB, KRON-4 {San Francisco, California}]

HOLLYWOOD SQUARES (John Davidson, 1986-89) [4 episodes]
Making each episode self-contained was the largest problem with this version, but it's still pretty good. Also a pretty rare instance where an overabundance of gimmicks and
Season One (1986-87)
* January 23, 1987: Soleil Moon Frye, Abby Dalton, Lee Weaver, Kim Zimmer, Richard Simmons, John Matuszak, Bernie Kopell, JANICE PENNINGTON & DIAN PARKINSON, RAY COMBS. George (Day 2) vs. Sue. SHUT-OUT! USA repeat from 1991 with commercials, low audio. [D-25.1/USA]
Season Two (1987-88)
* September 16, 1987: ALF, Emma Samms, BRANDON TARTIKOFF, Ed Begley Jr., Will Shriner, Kim Fields, Jm J. Bullock, Shadoe Stevens, Zsa Zsa Gabor. Kurt vs. Heidi (Day 2). Features pre-taped cameos by FIVE game show hosts, a Contestant Plug for the New York tapings, a CAR WIN, and a GREAT closing segment! [D-25.2/OB, WISH-8 {Indianapolis, Indiana}]
* November 20, 1987 (Radio City Music Hall, Finale; taped 11/4/87): Jm J. Bullock, Lynn Redgrave, Kathy Lee & Frank Gifford, Debbie Gibson, Joan Rivers, Allison Smith & Brian Bloom, Richard Simmons, Shadoe Stevens & Scott Shannon, Ben Vereen. Glenn vs. Lusann. Includes clips of a local version, and its host explains the rules. Original commercials, first few seconds missing, hissing-type sound almost throughout. [D-25.3/OB, WOKR-13 {Rochester, New Hampshire}]
Season Three (1988-89)
* June 9, 1989 (6th-to-last): Jm J. Bullock, Audrey Landers, Clifton Davis, Barbara Bosson, Joan Rivers, David Hirsch, Jimmie Walker, Shadoe Stevens, Christopher Hewitt & Brice Beckham. Gary vs. Roxanne. CAR WIN! First 30 seconds of show, first minute or so of Game 3, and first 50 seconds of final segment missing, slightly-bad-but-watchable video. [D-25.4,5/USA]

HOLLYWOOD SQUARES (Tom Bergeron, 1998-2004) [2 clips]
Still great, but lacked returning champs for Season 1 and kept being self-contained until the final season.
Season Four, "Double-or-Nothing" Bonus Round (November 2001-June 2002)
* February 14, 2002 (College Tournament IV, Day 4): Full Bonus Round with a contestant ($16,500) and Whoopi Goldberg. 6/13/02 repeat, with credits. [60.4/RPT, WFOR-4 {Miami, Florida}]
* May 30, 2002: Full Bonus Round with Robert ($19,000) and Bruce Vilanch. [60.2/OB, WFOR-4]

HOT POTATO [2 episodes]
Great show that replaced Go! on NBC and lasted twice as long, though that isn't really saying much, partly because they changed to Celebrity Hot Potato for the last ten weeks.
Civilian Format (January-April 1984)
* April 19, 1984: Begins with 411 Operators (Chrys/Kathy/Judy - $21,500) vs. Reporters (Jim/Tony/Katie). Bill makes an age joke about himself, and later invents an answer! [D-29.5/GSN]
* April 20, 1984 (Civilian Finale): Reporters vs. Auctioneers (Neil/John/John), with Artists (Pam/Debbie/Cindy) playing later. A great way to send off this format! [D-29.6/GSN]

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