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Family Feud


FAMILY FEUD CHALLENGE (CBS, June 1992-March 1993) [1 episode]
Nice hour-long format with the cool Bullseye Round, money all over the place, and Ray Combs at his best.
* December? 1992: Hooker vs. Sauder, with Lopez (Day 2 - $7,895) playing later. 7/14/93 repeat with commercials (including a Wheel of Fortune promo!), begins just into first half opening question due to an overrunning local ID. [D-9.2/RPT, WTVY-4 {Dothan, Alabama}]

FAMILY FEUD (Richard Karn, 2002-06) [2 episodes]
Good: returning to the old format and a more excited host in Karn; Bad: Karn got annoying and repetitive. Still better than Anderson, though.
Season Six (2004-05)
* September 17, 2004: Ellington (Day 2 - unmentioned, so less than $1,000) vs. Orkin. 4/1/05 repeat with commercials, quality is about the same. [2.1/RPT, WSVN-7 {Miami, Florida} or 2.5/RPT, WPEC-12 {West Palm Beach, Florida}]
* April 1, 2005: Pilliter (Day 3 - $20,690) vs. Christopher. Original commercials or same-day repeat with commercials, quality is about the same (WSVN copy has a brief local news report). [2.2/OB, WSVN-7 or 2.6/RPT, WPEC-12]

FAMILY FEUD (John O'Hurley, 2006-10) [24 episodes, 1 clip]
Everything old is new again, with a classic element returning every season! (...Well, until Bullseye reared its head again, at which point things just felt tired.)
Season Eight (2006-07)
* September 15, 2006: McCarthy (Day 3 - $20,695) vs. Sparrow. Some original commercials. [19.2/OB, WSVN-7]
* September 18, 2006: Sparrow vs. Nguyen. TWO CONSECUTIVE ROUNDS SWEPT WITH NO STRIKES! [19.4/OB, WSVN-7]
* September 19, 2006: Sparrow vs. Clark. [19.7/OB, WSVN-7]
* September 20, 2006: Clark vs. Watty. Board lights keep operating until partway through Q1 for...some reason. Original commercials. [19.10/OB, WSVN-7]
* October 9, 2006: Holloway vs. Mouzis. John screws up saying the show's name before Q3, and uses it for the rest of the episode. Begins during first round. [20.1/OB, WSVN-7]
* October 9, 2006: Gibson (Day 3 - $20,735) vs. O'Brien. Early episode with score displays on family podiums and new lights on the Face-Off Podium. Part of third round missing. [20.2/OB, WSVN-7]
* October 23, 2006 (aired 9/15): Houston (Day 4 - $40,840!) vs. Agtang. Small portions missing, but no gameplay lost. [19.1/OB, WSVN-7]
* October 24, 2006 (aired 9/18): Houston vs. Nunez. Meggy of the Nunez family is in a sling...and she's also in the fifth slot; coincidentally, Sudden Death isn't needed. [19.5/OB, WSVN-7]
* October 25, 2006 (aired 9/19): Alexander vs. Anderson. John gives a disclaimer during Q4. [19.8/OB, WSVN-7]
* October 26, 2006 (aired 9/20): Anderson vs. Walls. SHUT-OUT! Part of third round missing. [19.11/OB, WSVN-7]
Season Nine (2007-08: debut of the Combs-esque logo!)
* September 10, 2007 (Season Premiere): Sedrak (Day 4 - $20,965) vs. Vanderveer. Original commercials, video is a bit grainy and screws up at times. [40.1/OB, WSVN-7]
* September 10, 2007: Alvarez (Day 2 - $20,000) vs. Sims. First 42 seconds only, pretty grainy-but-watchable video. [40.2/OB, WSVN-7]
* September 28, 2007: Bibbs (Day 3 - $20,890) vs. Beekman. Has a questionable judgment during Q2. Same-day repeat with commercials, local news crawl present during Q1 and first half of Fast Money (partly covers up the clock); also have the first 1:37 from the 11/2/07 airing. [44.5/RPT, WPEC-12 {full} or 49.6/RPT, WSVN-7 {clip}]
* October 1, 2007: Bibbs vs. Waldon. Same-day repeat, with commercials. [44.9/RPT, WPEC-12]
* October 12, 2007: Roussell (Day 2 - $20,000) vs. McCoy. John provides a disclaimer during Q4. Same-day repeat with commercials and a Contestant Plug! [46.7/RPT, WPEC-12]
* October 30, 2007 (Halloween Week, Day 2): Spaulding (Day 2 - $20,000) vs. White. Original commercials, Fast Money conclusion missing due to a local news report (sigh). [48.7/OB, WSVN-7]
* October 31, 2007 (Halloween Week, Day 3): Spaulding vs. Chatman. Original commercials, first minute or so missing due to a local news report. [48.8/OB, WSVN-7]
* November 1, 2007 (Halloween Week, Day 4): Spaulding vs. Magalen. Original commercials, begins just after Spaulding interview due to a local news report. [49.1/OB, WSVN-7]
* November 2, 2007 (Halloween Week, Finale): Spaulding vs. Wilson. Burton Richardson appears as a vampire, and the Spauldings go for 5-in-a-row! Original commercials. [49.5/OB, WSVN-7]
* November 6, 2007 (WWE Week, Day 2): Superstars ($0) vs. Divas ($20,000). Very fun episode with a WEIRD Fast Money! Original commercials, video screws up at times. [50.1/OB, WSVN-7]
* November 7, 2007 (WWE Week, Day 3): Another crazy episode with a mistimed Strike! Original commercials. [50.4/OB, WSVN-7]
* November 8, 2007 (WWE Week, Day 4): Yet another highly-recommended episode! Original commercials. [50.6/OB, WSVN-7]
* November 9, 2007 (WWE Week, Finale): Has an unlikely sweep on Q3 which ends the game, so a commercial break after the first half of Fast Money? Original commercials, VERY grainy-but-watchable video. [50.11/OB, WSVN-7]
* February 5, 2008: Hughes (Day 2 - $20,000) vs. Schmeckpeper. Neither family thinks too clearly during Q2, and John makes a good observation during Q3. 4/1/08 repeat with commercials, rather grainy video that's also B/W (plus crackly audio) for first minute, color flickers in and out until near the end of Q4. [58.1/OB, WSVN-7]
* April 1, 2008: Peterson (Day 2 - $20,000) vs. Paul. Same-day repeat with commercials, slightly grainy-but-watchable video that screws up occasionally, local weather crawl during Fast Money (doesn't get in the way). [58.6/RPT, WPEC-12]

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