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ABOUT FACES [1 episode]
Interesting revamp of Place the Face, from what I've seen online. Unfortunately, the below file is corrupt on the DVD I got (the person who sent it to me noted as much) and won't work no matter where I load it from, so this is only listed for posterity's sake.
* March 17, 1960: Tom Kennedy fills in for Ben Alexander. No last segment, from what I've heard. [D-27.8/KIN]

THE AMAZING RACE [1 episode]
Not my personal favorite, but it has won several Emmys and nominations.
Season Eight/Family Edition (September-December 2005)
* November 22, 2005 (Leg #8/"How's That Face Feel?"): Teams must work their way from the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport to Lake Powell...all in Arizona. Very dull, very pointless Non-Elimination Leg - I don't even know why I have this! Original commercials. [52.3/OB, WPEC-12 {West Palm Beach, Florida}]

Good concept, lame execution - from the judging to the editing to the clear preference for "wacky"/bad inventions and inventors that don't have a chance of getting through, not to mention the manipulative attitude of both winners.
Season Two (June-August 2007)
* June 27, 2007: New York (albeit with raindrops edited out) and Chicago. Original commercials. [36.6/OB, WPLG-10 {Miami, Florida}]
* July 11, 2007: Tampa and Houston, Part 1. Original commercials. [37.2/OB, WPLG-10]

ANYONE CAN WIN! [1 episode]
Short-lived series (aired every other week) hosted by Al Capp, with an intriguing "mystery celebrity" contest and credits that scroll down.
* August 18, 1953: Lorraine Day vs. Jackie Cooper vs. Wendy Barrie vs. "Hairless Joe". Lorraine gets into an argument with Al over a question! Original commercials, ends during credits. [D-24.5,6/KIN]

THE APPRENTICE [1 episode]
Semi-decent series that appeared to have broken the curse of going to all-celebs (in fact, the last time they tried using civilians, the show bombed in the ratings).
Season Seven, The Celebrity Apprentice #1 (January-March 2008)
* January 3, 2008 (Celebrity Premiere): Lennoz Lewis, Tiffany Fallon, Tito Ortiz, Marilu Henner, Trace Adkins, PIERS MORGAN, GENE SIMMONS, Jennie Finch, Stephen Baldwin, Nely Galan, Carol Alt, VINCENT PASTORE, Nidia Comanaci, OMAROSA. Original commercials, grainy-but-watchable video that screws up at times. [55.2/OB, WPTV-5 {West Palm Beach, Florida}]

ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER? (FOX, 2007-09) [4 episodes]
Kinda ripped-off WinTuition, and wasn't bad until it decided to spoil both $1,000,000 winners. The syndicated run, which began a month after this version ended, was good for Season 1 but fell down for Season 2.
Season One (February-September 2007; Marki/Kyle/Jacob/Alana/Spencer)
* June 28, 2007: Begins with Andy at $10,000. Original commercials (including a network promo for Viva Pinata?!). [36.8/OB, WFLX-29 {West Palm Beach, Florida}]
* September 28, 2007 (Season Finale/"Graduation Night"): Begins with Josh at $100,000. Closing segment has a look at the cross-country search for the next class. Original commercials. [44.8/OB, WFLX-29]
Season Two (October 2007-January 2009; Cody/Mackenzie/Sierra/Nathan/Olivia)
* November 1, 2007 (Celebrity Premiere): Contestant is Clay Aiken. Features a "True or False?" question about True and False (which confuses Jeff) and a redneck joke about Antonym. Original commercials. [49.2/OB, WFLX-29]
* November 1, 2007 (Celebrity Show #2): Contestant is REGIS PHILBIN! Very weird episode with a funny exchange after Sierra asks Regis "You had a knife in school?" Original commercials, ends during credits. [49.3/OB, WFLX-29]

THE BABY GAME [1 episode]
Pretty obscure show hosted by "America's Favorite Babysitter", the television set Richard Hayes, who does pretty well with what he's given - but the format itself isn't that much above average.
* January 15, 1968: George & Carolyn vs. Gloria & Lloyd. Original commercials. [D-11.6/KIN, KGW-8 {Portland, Oregon}]

BEAT THE CLOCK (Syndication, 1969-74) [5 episodes]
Two different sets, two different intros, and a bunch of low payouts, but it's still a really fun show.
Jack Narz (1969-72, Seasons 1-3)
* Early 1971 (Singles Day): Bernie & Lorraine vs. David & Janet. Special Guest: Gene Rayburn. First Edition Home Game is plugged, plus a very strange cake-decorating contest! Low audio. [D-22.4/GSN]
* September 1971: George & Audrey vs. Howard & Ruth. Special Guest: Tom Kennedy, who Jack calls "Jim-Tom" at one point. HILARIOUS fourth stunt! Average quality, video stops/skips for first two minutes. [D-22.5/GSN]
Gene Wood (1972-74, Seasons 4-5)
* 1972: Max & Louise vs. Glenn & Diane. Special Guest: Richard Dawson. Second Edition Home Game is plugged, and the $200 card is found! [D-22.1/GSN]
* 1972: Ron & Louise vs. Rick & Joanne. Special Guest: Richard Dawson. Highly recommended for those who like fast wins! Has an Inquizition promo (yay?). [D-22.2/GSN]
* 1972: Alan & Lori vs. Claude & Doreen. Special Guest: Richard Dawson. $200 card is found! [D-22.3/GSN]

BEAT THE ODDS (KTLA-5 {Los Angeles, California}, 1961-63) [1 episode]
One of those great local game shows I wish I had more of.
Mike Stokey (1961-62)
* July 21, 1961: Arnold vs. Mildred, continued from yesterday at 900-900 with Lee and Paul playing later. TRIP WIN! Original commercials and a Contest Plug! [D-10.3/KIN]

THE BIG SPIN (local California lottery show) [3 episodes]
Great lottery show with lots of fun side games! (Well, at least until the 2004 overhaul...)
Larry Anderson (1995-96)
* August 24, 1996: $2M Spin (Nancy Woodworker), Dream Machine #1 (Bob Roark), Dream Machine #2 (Jean Jones), Winner's Circle #1, Winner's Circle #2. Larry shows a bizarre trick during the credits! Original commercials, begins with a brief local news report. [D-20.1,2/OB, KRON-4 {San Francisco, California}]
Pat Finn (1999-2009)
* November 2, 2002: California Gold (Drew/Bezhan Moqimi/Sixto/Cheryle/Heather/Lisiate/Patricia/Firas/Leopoldo/Dana), Dream Machine #1 (Bill Barteld), Dream Machine #2 (Gary Foster), Weekly $2,000 Payday Raceway (Maria/Brenda/Lupe, one of whom will win $2,080,000!). Some really weird stuff today... Original commercials, first second or two cut off. [D-20.3/OB, KPIX-5 {San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, California}]
* November 30, 2002: Special episode with nothing but $3M Spins! Spinners: Veries Echols, Ann Tran, Frank McGrath, Alfonso Martinez, Marsha Bible, Charles Blanton, Gilbert Salinas. Also has lots of clips, including the first seven-digit win (10/28/85) and the $15,220,000 win (1986)! Original commercials, first few seconds or so missing. [D-20.4/OB, KPIX-5]

BLIND DATE (Arlene Francis/ABC, 1949-51) [1 episode]
Boy meets girl, boy dates girl, boy climbs into bed with girl--oh, sorry, that's the Roger Lodge show of the same name. The "set", apparently supposed to be Arlene's house, works pretty well.
* May 31, 1951 (Father's Night): Begins with Alice Murphy and her father. Next week will feature people from the US Military and Navy - and Arlene talks into the wrong end of the phone! Original commercials, green-tinted video for first two seconds. [D-24.4/KIN]

CAMOUFLAGE (ABC, 1961-62) [1 episode]
Answer a question, try to find a hidden picture. Very simple, but at least Finders Keepers didn't give away 48 pounds of ham.
* January 8, 1962 (1st-Anniversary Show, with Johnny Gilbert hosting): Begins with Johnny talking to champ Wendy Taylor and running down what she won the previous Friday, then Marita vs. Bette. Some original commercials. [D-8.5/KIN]

CONCENTRATION (NBC Daytime, 1958-73) [2 episodes]
Pick two squares and hope they match, then try to solve the rebus puzzle underneath. NBC may own this show, but they certainly don't seem to care about it.
Hugh Downs (1958-69)
{YT}* October 15, 1958: Robert (Champ) vs. Walter, with Pat playing later. Sample Rebus: "It Happened One Night". Original commercials and timecode! [D-8.4/KIN-SM]
* September 13, 1963 (Challenge of Champions I, Finals): RALPH BRANCA vs. Arthur Levine, continued from yesterday. Original commercials, fades out during credits. [D-9.1/KIN]

CONCENTRATION (Syndication, 1973-78) [1 episode]
Great revamp by Goodson-Todman which added "head starts", "Free Look" spaces, and the Double Play bonus round. Had NBC done this circa 1971, Lin Bolen might not have canned it.
Three picks per turn in Game 1, Double Play has nine-square preliminary game (1977?-78)
{YT}* 1978: Linda vs. Randy (Car: Chevy Chevette). Double Play winner surprises Jack by leaving early! [D-19.1/SM?]

Still awesome, although it couldn't seem to figure out how it wanted to handle returning champs.
Original Format (May 1987-March 1988)
* May 22, 1987: Begins with Barry (Game 2) vs. Jan (Game 5). 29-SECOND CAR WIN! Has a Contestant Plug, first few seconds or so missing. [D-17.3/OB, WKEF-22 {Dayton-Springfield, Ohio}]
"Two Strikes" Format (July 1990-August 1991)
* August 26, 1991 (reran 8/21/92): Begins with Ben (No Strikes) vs. Susan (One Strike). Ben is a JERK. Ends during credits. [D-19.2/OB?]

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