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LET'S MAKE A DEAL (ABC Daytime, 1968-76) [1 episode]
NBC thought a nighttime version on their regular schedule was beneath them, so the show changed networks. ABC thought the show needed gimmicks, and canned it when they didn't really work. Yeah.
* 1969: First traders are Louise, Dave, & Sharon. First deal involves $500 inside boxes of waffles, cans of Poppycock, and tins of assorted after-dinner mints. Big Deal: $3,037. Original commercials and GREAT quality, B/W video. [D-11.2/KIN]

LIARS CLUB (Rod Serling, 1969) [1 episode]
Yes, he hosted a game show...and a pretty good one, at that. Feels more like a parlor game, since the winner gets just $100.
* 1969: Rolfe Peterson, BETTY WHITE, Dick Gautier, Pia Lindstrom. Barbara vs. Bob. GREAT episode! Slight video problems during Rod's entrance, no last segment. [49.13/SM]

LIARS CLUB (Bill Armstrong, 1974-77) [2 episodes]
The first series aired weekly, while the second aired daily.
KTLA (1974-75)
* Taped 1974? (Pilot): George Savalas, Joey Bishop, Fannie Flagg, PETER MARSHALL. Jim vs. Terri vs. Diane vs. Maggie. Has a slightly different set and a broken format (each player gets different odds because each celeb can only be picked by one player). 1986-87 repeat, video is somewhat dark, no credits. [D-30.3/USA]
Syndication (1976-77)
* 1976: Charlie Brill, Mitzi McCall, PETER MARSHALL, Larry Hovis. Lisa vs. Margaret vs. Bettye vs. Linda. Peter notes that his 90-minute variety show will debut "this September". [D-30.4/USA]

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