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TEMPTATION: THE NEW SALE OF THE CENTURY (2007-08) [10 episodes, 2 clips]
Blend of the Aussie version and the American Sale which dumbs down any remnants of the former and botches any remnants of the latter, all while catering almost exclusively to women and putting out a pitchfilm full of lies and deceit ("Shopping-shopping-shopping~! Ohandthere'saquizthingytoo."). Suuuuuuuck of the Century!
White pricetags in shopping area (first taped week)
* March 6, 2008 (#1GT004): De Rynn (Day 3 - T$427 to spend) vs. Shamarrah vs. Cynthia. Instant Cash: $1,500. Original commercials, grainy-but-watchable video that screws up at times, second Speed Round through Super Knock-Off missing due to a local breaking-news report. [57.2/OB, WPEC-12 {West Palm Beach, Florida}]
* March 7, 2008 (#1GT005): Cynthia vs. Ann Marie vs. Kimelia. Second Instant Bargain includes a Wii! Original commercials, VERY grainy-but-watchable video that hiccups occasionally and screws up at times. [57.4/OB, WPEC-12]
Orange pricetags in shopping era (rest of run)
* September 10, 2007 (Premiere): Linda vs. Nancy vs. Nicole. Instant Cash: $1,000. Original commercials, first minute or so cut off. [40.3/OB, WPEC-12]
* September 11, 2007: Desary vs. Sara vs. Lena. Instant Cash: $1,500. Super Knock-Off is about Bob Barker! Original commercials. [40.11/OB, WPEC-12]
* September 28, 2007 (#1GT035): Iris (Day 2 - T$67 to spend) vs. Diane vs. Jodi. Instant Cash: $500. First Instant Bargain includes a Wii! Original commercials, bad-but-watchable video. [44.2/OB, WPEC-12]
* November 2, 2007 (#1GT101): Ashlyn (Day 2 - T$83 to spend) vs. Tony vs. Angela. Instant Cash: $1,000. Last 50 seconds only. [49.7/OB, WPEC-12]
* November 9, 2007 (#1GT106): Jennifer (Day 4 - T$287 to spend) vs. Tanesha vs. Susy. Instant Cash: $500. A good example of why "you can only buy one prize" is dumb, plus a BAD Super Knock-Off! Original commercials. [50.9/OB, WPEC-12]
* November 28, 2007 (Three-Day "Tournament" II, Finale): Cindy (T$173 to spend) vs. Ingrid (T$318 to spend) vs. Trisha (T$147 to spend). Instant Cash: $2,000. Super Knock-Off is about Saturday Night Live movies! Original commercials, grainy-but-watchable video that screws up at times. [51.4/OB, WPEC-12]
* December 13, 2007 (#1GT081): Brittny (Day 2 - T$72 to spend) vs. Gayla vs. Cortney. Instant Cash: $5,000! Knock-Off is about Jerry Springer! Original commercials, grainy-but-watchable video that screws up at times. [51.7/OB, WPEC-12]
* December 28, 2007 (#1GT028, aired 9/14): MARK COYLE (Day 5 - T$712 to spend) vs. Brenda vs. Shannon. Instant Cash: $5,000! Original commercials. [54.2/OB, WPEC-12]
* April 1, 2008 (#1GT009): Nicole (Day 2 - T$152 to spend) vs. Katina vs. Susan. Instant Cash: $500. Quite possibly the worst episode of an already-horrendous revival! Original commercials, slightly grainy-but-watchable video. [58.2/OB, WPEC-12]
* Fall 2007-Spring 2008: Complete final segment, from a 7/17/08 repeat. [60.8/RPT, WPEC-12]

SET FOR LIFE [6 episodes]
Atrocious from start to finish - all the qualifying games (which determined the check amounts) were chopped out, there's so much padding it hurts, and the format's way beyond broken. "Win money by pulling white lights and avoiding red ones!" is pretty much a Barry-Enright bonus game stretched into an hour-long slot, but then there's the Guardian Angel...
* July 20, 2007 (Premiere): Chris ($4,625/month), then Sheneese ($2,900/month). Original commercials, not-so-good video. [28.4/OB, WPLG-10 {Miami, Florida}]
* August 3, 2007: Shane (returning with $174,000 - 5 years @ $2,900/month), then Jason ($3,300/month). HORRENDOUS Game 2! Original commercials, not-so-good video. [38.1/OB, WPLG-10]
* August 10, 2007: Gary ($2,000/month), then Stephanie ($3,625/month). Original commercials. [38.2/OB, WPLG-10]
* August 17, 2007: Michael ($2,800/month), then Taye ($2,700/month). Has the biggest winner of the series, which could've been bigger... Original commercials. [38.6/OB, WPLG-10]
* August 24, 2007: Taye (continued from last week), Ed ($2,900/month), Tad ($3,700/month). Original commercials. [39.4/OB, WPLG-10]
* August 31, 2007 (Unannounced Finale): Tad (continued from last week), then Marina ($2,300/month). Tad's a "superhero" and Marina's just crazy, but they're both annoying and there's a metric ton of stalling. Original commercials, not-so-good video. [39.5/OB, WPLG-10]

SEVEN KEYS (KTLA, 1960-61) [1 episode]
Chutes & Ladders meets the game-show world. Not the only time it's happened, but certainly the most notable.
{YT}* September 22, 1960: Sargent Robert Stewart going for Key #3, then Bill Dansen? going for Key #1. Has a Home Viewer Contest Plug, low audio during parts of Game 1. [D-10.2/KIN]

SURVIVOR [1 episode]
I taped this by accident. Seriously, I don't like this show.
China (September-December 2007)
* October 11, 2007 ("Ride the Workhorse Till the Tail Falls Off"): Begins at Day 10. Original commercials, first two minutes missing. [46.6/OB, WPEC-12 {West Palm Beach, Florida}]

TAKE A GOOD LOOK [2 episodes]
Great host (Ernie Kovacs), great panel, great game...until they decided to make the show Kovacs-centric with every clue presented through seemingly-reusable pretaped skits.
Original format
* November 12, 1959: Cesar Romero, Zsa-Zsa Gabor (with her dog), Jim Backus. First player is Mary Ann Mobley! Original commercials, EXTREMELY highly-recommended! [D-28.2/KIN]
All-skit format
* October 27, 1960 (Season 2 Premiere): Cesar Romero, Edie Adams, Carl Reiner. Skits range from somewhat funny to sadistic and cruel to nonsensical...and sometimes going into then-risqué territory. Original commercials, jumpy-but-watchable video almost throughout. [D-28.3/KIN]

TIC-TAC-DOUGH (NBC Primetime/Jay Jackson, 1957-58) [1 episode]
Solid format, and I love the category rollers. I just wish it hadn't been rigged about 75% of the time.
* April 3, 1958: Michael ($140,300) vs. Martin, continued from last week at Game 6. Categories: Inventions, Civil War, Pot Luck, Invasions, The Bible, The 40's, Presidents, Baseball, Movies. Some VERY obvious rigging going on here... No intro nor credits. [D-27.6/KIN]

TREASURE ISLE [1 episode]
Cheesy, but I happen to like it. Also has a sticks-in-your-brain-in-a-good-way opening theme that, based on another episode that's out there, was redone at least once.
* May 20, 1968: Marie & Bill vs. Vicki & John. Original commercials (including a promo for Peyton Place), bright video in the beginning. [D-11.4/KIN]

TWENTY-ONE (Jack Barry, 1956-58) [1 episode]
Great format with pretty high stakes. Too bad it was RRRRRIIIIIGGGGEEEDDDDD!!!
* December 5, 1956: Herb Stempel ($69,500) vs. Charles Van Doren, continued from last week at $2,000/point. The night Stempel took a dive! Original commercials, first few seconds missing. [D-9.3/KIN]

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