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JEOPARDY! (Art Fleming/NBC, 1964-75) [3 episodes, 1 clip]
The original version, with the great gameplay you'd expect. Shame Lin Bolen wanted it dead...
* September 7, 1966 (#638, taped 8/25/66): LIBBY DYER (Day 3 - $1,680) vs. Joy vs. Irene. Studio master with original commercials, bad-but-watchable video, ends just after third clue is chosen. [D-19.6/KIN-SM]
* February 21, 1972 (#2000): The three highest-scoring regular-play champs return to win cash for charity! BURNS CAMERON ($7,070) vs. Jane Gschwend ($8,250) vs. Elliott Shteir ($8,230). Features a guest appearance by Mel Brooks and SIX Daily Doubles on the board! [D-19.3/GSN]
* April 24, 1974 (#2574, taped 4/2/74): Ann (Day 3 - $1,720) vs. Larry vs. Norma. You may recognize this if you've ever seen Twilight Zone: The Movie. Studio master with slate, average video. [D-19.4/SM]
* January 3, 1975 (#2753/Finale): John (Day 4 - $1,980) vs. Robin vs. Debbie. Art gets a standing ovation at the beginning, and later says that the show will come back someday...but until then, there's still the nighttime version. [D-19.5/SM]

JEOPARDY! (Alex Trebek/Syndication, 1984-Present) [23 episodes]
Made a lot of well-needed enhancements, with ratings that constantly beat a lot of the network primetime programs.
Season One (1984-85)
* September 10, 1984 (Premiere): Greg vs. Lois vs. Frank. Low audio, fee plugs missing (why?). [D-12.1/SM]
Season 21 (2004-05)
* November 30, 2004 (taped 9/7/04): KEN JENNINGS (Day 75 - $2,520,700) vs. Nancy vs. David. [D-12.2/SM]
* April 1, 2005 (Ultimate Tournament of Champions - Round One, Day 38): Bob Fleenor vs. Matt Zielenski vs. Kurt Bray. Original commercials. [2.9/OB, WPLG-10 {Miami, Florida}]
* May 23, 2005 (Ultimate Tournament of Champions - Round Five, Day 1): Jerome Vered vs. Brad Rutter vs. Ken Jennings. [D-12.3/SM]
* May 24, 2005 (Ultimate Tournament of Champions - Round Five, Day 2): Brad Rutter vs. Ken Jennings vs. Jerome Vered. [D-12.4/SM]
* May 25, 2005 (Ultimate Tournament of Champions - Round Five, Finale): Ken Jennings vs. Jerome Vered vs. Brad Rutter. Who will win $2,000,000? [D-12.5/SM]
Season 23 (2006-07)
* July 20, 2007 (Teen Tournament Summer Games, Quarter-Final #5): Lisa vs. Jeffrey vs. Rachel. Rather interesting results! Original commercials, video is not the best quality. [28.3/OB, WPLG-10]
Season 24 (2007-08)
* September 10, 2007 (Season Premiere): Ben (Day 2 - $25,599) vs. Keli vs. Dorothy. Original commercials, first minute or so missing. [40.10/OB, WPLG-10]
* September 11, 2007: Keli vs. Rick vs. Megan. Original commercials. [40.13/OB, WPLG-10]
* September 28, 2007: Richard (Day 2 - $16,300) vs. Sharon vs. Joseph. Has a Morgan Freeman category in Round 1, plus great contestant interviews and a VERY close finish! Original commercials, VERY grainy-but-watchable video that really isn't the best quality. [44.7/OB, WPLG-10]
* October 8, 2007 (Kids Week, Day 1): Kizzle vs. Harry vs. Nicole. Original commercials, begins at Johnny's third contestant intro. [45.3/OB, WPLG-10]
* October 9, 2007 (Kids Week, Day 2): Charlie (a girl) vs. Eddie vs. Rachel. Pretty good episode! Original commercials, highly recommended! [45.6/OB, WPLG-10]
* October 10, 2007 (Kids Week, Day 3): Braden vs. Justin vs. Nicole. A clip from a Celebrity episode is shown in Round 2! Original commercials, video screws up at times. [46.2/OB, WPLG-10]
* October 11, 2007 (Kids Week, Day 4): William vs. Bethlehem vs. Jackson. GREAT contestant interviews! Original commercials, video is not the best quality. [46.5/OB, WPLG-10]
* October 12, 2007 (Kids Week, Finale): Michelle vs. Shay vs. Elijah. Has a Guinness Records category in Round 1, plus Alex insults himself during the contestant interviews! Original commercials, B/W video minus a few flickers. [46.9/OB, WPLG-10]
* October 29, 2007: PAUL GLASER (Day 2 - $24,401) vs. Kathleen vs. Pat. Original commercials. [48.6/OB, WPLG-10]
* November 2, 2007: PAUL GLASER vs. Lucia vs. Kyle. Original commercials and a promo "Paging All Former Jeopardy! Contestants". [49.11/OB, WPLG-10]
* December 24, 2007: Cora (Day 4 - $78.801) vs. Stewart vs. Carolyn. Original commercials, slightly grainy video. [53.5/OB, WPLG-10]
* December 31, 2007: DAN PAWSON (Day 3 - $36,500) vs. Heather (Day 2 - $26,800) vs. Leslie. Original commercials. [54.7/OB, WPLG-10]
* January 2, 2008: DAN PAWSON vs. Katy vs. Chris. Original commercials. [54.9/OB, WPLG-10]
* January 7, 2008 (taped 12/07): DAN PAWSON vs. Nicole vs. Allen. Has a Leonard Maltin category in Round 1! Original commercials, somewhat grainy-but-watchable video that almost constantly screws up (stops by Final) and flickers between color and B/W (stops about halfway through Round 1, but picks up again at the end of it and stops near the end of Round 2). [55.5/OB, WPLG-10]
* April 1, 2008: Bryan (Day 3 - $48,402) vs. Jason vs. Gil. Alex grew back his mustache? Original commercials, pretty grainy video that screws up at times, video skew at top throughout. [58.9/OB, WPLG-10]

SUPER JEOPARDY! (ABC Primetime, June-September 1990) [2 episodes]
"The $250,000 Challenge", with Burns Cameron playing and a FOURTH podium for the Quarter-Final games.
* September 1, 1990 (Semi-Final #3): Dave Traini vs. Bob Blake vs. Jeff Richmond. Who will move on to the Finals? First second or two missing. [D-8.1/OB, WSB-2 {Atlanta, Georgia}]
* September 8, 1990 (Finale): Bob Verini vs. Bruce Seymour vs. [winner of #12]. Who will win the $250,000? First second or two of show and first few seconds of Round 2 (and possibly the interview portions) missing. [D-8.2/OB, WSB-2]

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