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THE WANT LIST (last updated: May 30, 2014)

Keep your eye on this spot -- you're about to see a long and subject-to-change thing that, while not being too picky, knows what it does and doesn't want. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the WarioBarker Wantlist!

-Any premieres, finales, "first TAPED episodes", or pilots (sold/unsold, aired/unaired); note that the first taped episode of a show's run isn't always the Premiere.
-Any game show that has only a few episodes surviving (Kennedy Split Second, 1974-80 High Rollers, pretty much anything GilmoreBox has uploaded a clip of)
-Anything that The Page O' Clips/The Game Show Vault released on DVD

-Bargain Hunters (especially the Finale)
-Beat The Clock (especially Wood and Hall episodes)
-Break The Bank (especially Farago/Stunt episodes)
-Caesar's Challenge
-Catch Phrase (US)
-The Gong Show (Barbour, Owens, NBC Finale, and 1979-80 syndicated shows)
-Hollywood Squares (especially daytime, Storybook, and the Vegas season; I'm also looking for the week of 1/13-17/03, when Don Rickles was the center square)
-Jeopardy! (pretty much anything from 1964-91, including Jep!)
-The Joker's Wild
-The Last Word
-Liar's Club (especially Ludden and Boardman episodes)
-The Love Experts
-Merv Griffin's Crosswords ("Boris" and "-$250" episodes)
-My Generation
-Name That Tune (Kennedy, especially the 1976 "not-for-air" episode)
-The Newlywed Game (last episode of the yellow New set, first of the blue set, first "dollars" format, 1988 Eubanks Finale, any Rodriguez/Kroger/1990s Eubanks episodes)
-The Price Is Right (Barker episodes through about 1992, especially the circulating 1972-75 studio masters; any Cullen/James/Kennedy/Davidson episodes; any foreign episodes, especially the 1989 UK version with Bob Warman)
-Pyramid (especially 1973-81 episodes, Davidson, and foreign versions)
-Remote Control
-Sale Of The Century (especially 1969-74, foreign versions, and syndicated episodes from after GSN's current lease)
-Shopping Spree
-Shop 'Til You Drop
-Starcade/Nick Arcade (not the same show, but same idea)
-Supermarket Sweep (Lifetime era)
-Temptation: The New Sale Of The Century (US; the "6th Street" Knock-Off, the Price Is Right Fame Game, and the first taped episode)
-Three On A Match (the circulating early-1973 episode, preferably with slate)
-Tic Tac Dough
-Time Machine
-The Video Game
-What's Going On? (especially the Finale, which seemingly doesn't exist)
-Wheel Of Fortune (anything pre-Season 18; any daytime episodes {including Wheel 2000})
-Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? (you too, Time)
-You Bet Your Life (I've got enough Marx shows to last me a while, but I'd like his Finale; also, Hackett and Cosby episodes)
-Any game show with David Letterman, Howie Mandel, Don Rickles, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Weird Al Yankovic as a guest or contestant
-Any local game shows, quiz bowls, lottery shows, etc. (especially Flamingo Fortune, Quizbusters, Clue Me In, and Woolery/Edwards/Gallagher episodes of The Big Spin)
-Any GSN original program aired between December 1994 and March 2004 (pre-"Network For Games" change)
-Any GSN broadcast where they accidentally left in original commercials
-Any Family Channel broadcast with Playbreaks/interactive segments left in

I'm Also Looking For These Board Games...
-Down You Go
-Eye Guess (especially the 4th Edition)
-Jeopardy! (Original 14th Edition, or Electric Version)
-Match Game (1973-82 Third Edition)
-Password (especially Plus or Super)
-Pay Cards! (Version III {1969} or Super Pay Cards! {1981})
-Sale Of The Century (1969-74)
-Scrabble (TV Version)
-Three On A Match
-You Don't Say!
-Any board game of an obscure game show

Do NOT Offer Me, Unless I Ask For It Myself...
-Strip Poker
-Fear Factor
-The Amazing Race
-The Apprentice
-The Bachelor/ette (minus the Season 11 Finale where Brad Womack dumped the final two girls -- now that was a classic! :P)
-Anything I already have, unless it's a higher-quality copy than my own (I freely admit that some of the episodes in my collection aren't the best quality you can find of them)
-Anything "taken from YouTube", unless it isn't up anymore (if it's there, I very likely know about it already)


The Extra-Special Specials
The items below are some extra-special stuff I'm looking for -- which, because I'm so wanting to find them, will net you a lot of loot (not monetary; hours of my collection) if you're available to provide.

First, to the best of my (admittedly-small) knowledge, none of my family has ever been on a game show (either visually or through sending in postcards/whatever for a contest)... If you can prove me wrong, however, we can talk about a reward if you have the episode(s) they appeared on.

* My mother has told me in the past about various game-show moments that she recalls from her younger days; these include an exchange on Letters To Laugh-In (1969), an incident regarding Louis Nye (unknown), and a game show that had the contestants seated in a triangle (I showed her a picture of Tom Kennedy's The Golden Triangle, and she said that was it...but that was an unsold pilot!).


* Around 1998-99 my cousin, the late Janice Napier, was on Jenny Jones (aka The Jenny Jones Show), possibly on an episode regarding dating African-American men (which she was at the time, which led to her son's birth; said African-American, Albert, soon after went to jail for some unrelated charges). Well, I wouldn't mind having that episode because I've never seen it.

Her mother (my aunt) Betty had a copy, but for obvious reasons didn't look at it again for the rest of her life. If you have it, on the other hand, we'll chat. Airdate, commercials, and production slate are worth more.

* In mid-to-late 2000, Janice and her son Keon appeared on (I think) a WPLG-10 (Miami, Florida) news report where she claimed that she found shards of glass in his baby-food jar. If you have this report, you'll get three hours of anything I have. Not sure if anyone did a followup where it turned out she lied about the whole incident, but that'd be worth more.

(Note that I've searched online for both of the above. WPLG's archive goes back to 10/25/00 {Keon was born on 3/14/00}, and it's not there...although I wouldn't blame the station for claiming the whole matter never happened. And surprisingly, there's no "immense Jenny Jones Show episode archive" online.)


* For these next few (and boy are they some long shots; if you have any of them, we'll chat), my brother (Phillip Jr.) claimed to have done a TV special around 1993 for WXEL-42 (Boynton, Florida), where he worked for years. He says it involved something regarding Doctor Who, which he is a big fan of.

* From March 13, 1993 until some point afterward, Phil and his friends did a radio show in South Florida called The Phil Benfield Show, which aired Saturday nights at 11:00 PM on 980 WNN-AM. I don't have any episodes, and neither does he (barring part of the time he and some friends filled in on The Dennis DellaFave Show for Christmas '92). Heck, I barely know anything about the show!

If you have either of these two endeavors, please let me know.


And that, folks, is a certified wantlist. Let's Go Back! (I wouldn't mind that, too!)