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The Lost Tapes


As does happen, sometimes when you're recording stuff things...crap out. This happened to four Tapes which have since been replaced, but not forgotten; contents and reasons are below.

* Tape 1: Sent off to J.M. Vargas. Contained episodes of Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, The CBS Evening News, and the special "Dan Rather - A Reporter Remembers" with dates ranging from March 8-10, 2005.
* Tape 36: Destroyed by my brother. Contained an episode of Jeopardy! and the Finale of National Bingo Night from June 22, 2007.
* Tape 38: Actually my brother's to begin with -- I had mistakenly thought he gave it to me. Contained an episode of Jeopardy!, the Finale of The Next Best Thing, and a two-hour "event" of American Inventor from July 25, 2007.
* Tape 40: Destroyed by my brother (with my permission) due to tape hardware problems that rendered it completely unwatchable. Contained the two "Preview" episodes of Temptation from September 5, 2007 (reran 3/13-14/08).
* Tape 45: Destroyed by me for the same reason as Tape 40. Contained an episode of Temptation from October 8, 2007.
* Disc 1: Destroyed by my brother, which he now regrets. Contained six episodes of The Price Is Right with Dennis James (including the Pitchfilm and #1213D), plus #300N with Bob Barker.

-Tape 38 was recovered some time later, still containing game show-related entries (and nothing regarding my brother's uses for it). It has been restored to my collection, albeit renumbered as Tape 63.
-Tape and Disc 1 have not been replaced and never will be, as I feel they were simply too "unique" to replace with something of lesser quality.


* The CBS Evening News (March 8, 2005): Dan Rather's 2nd-to-last night. Original commercials. [1.1/OB, WPEC-12 {West Palm Beach, Florida}]
* Wheel of Fortune (March 8, 2005): Jennifer vs. Tanya vs. Jeff. Clip showing "The Pyramid Effect", as LITTLE BY LITTLE was also used on November 6, 1980. [1.2/OB, WPLG-10 {Miami, Florida}]
* The CBS Evening News (March 9, 2005): Dan's last day, with his goodbye done at the end of the broadcast. Original commercials. [1.3/OB, WPEC-12]
* Wheel of Fortune (March 9, 2005): Pat vs. Crystal vs. Jeremiah. Not-so-good video. [1.4/OB, WPLG-10]
* Jeopardy! (March 9, 2005; #4728/Ultimate Tournament Round One, Day 21): Michael Rooney vs. Mark Lowenthal vs. Erik Larsen. [1.5/OB, WPLG-10]
* Dan Rather: A Reporter Remembers (March 9, 2005): Hour-long special looking back at 40+ years of Dan Rather at CBS. Original commercials. [1.6/OB, WPEC-12]
* The CBS Evening News (March 10, 2005): Bob Schieffer's debut. Original commercials. [1.7/OB, WPEC-12]

* Jeopardy! (June 22, 2007; #5260): Jesse (Day 4) vs. Matt vs. Deana. [36.1/OB, WPLG-10]
* National Bingo Night (June 22, 2007): Finale, and good frickin' riddance! [36.2/OB, WPLG-10]

* Jeopardy! (July 25, 2007; #5283/Teen Tournament Summer Games, Semi-Final #3): Jeffrey vs. Greg vs. Kriti. [38.1/OB, WPLG-10]
* The Next Best Thing (July 25, 2007): Finale. [38.2/OB, WPLG-10]
* American Inventor (July 25, 2007): Two-hour "event", which as I recall was a waste. [38.3/OB, WPLG-10]

* Temptation (September 5, 2007 {reran 3/13/08}): Preview Episode #1, with American Idol contestants. Instant Cash: $2,500. [40.1/OB, WBFS-33 {Miami, Florida}]
* Temptation (September 5, 2007 {reran 3/14/08}): Preview Episode #2, with American Idol contestants. Instant Cash: $2,500. [40.2/OB, WBFS-33]

* Temptation (October 8, 2007): August (Day 3) vs. Kimberly vs. Crystal. Instant Cash: $500. [45.1/OB, WPEC-12]

DISC 1 (The Price Is Right)
Weekly Syndication/Dennis James (1972-77)
* Taped 2/16/72 (Pitchfilm): Mark Goodson and Dennis explain the similarities and changes in the new show. Take Two Prototype, Cut Price (Ten Chances Prototype), plus clips of Dennis hosting Let's Make A Deal. Video is a bit bright at times, result of Game #1 cut out. [D-1.1/SM]
* Taped 9/4/72 (#006N, aired 10/15-21): Grocery Game, Any Number, DOUBLE DOUBLE PRICES. Studio master with slate! [D-1.2/SM]
* Taped 8/11/75 (#125N, aired 10/26-11/1): One Right Price, Any Number, Grocery Game. DOUBLE OVERBID! Dennis runs through the audience during the credits, and perhaps more interesting -- ALL SIX CONTESTANTS ARE WOMEN! Studio master with slate! [D-1.4/SM]
* Taped 3/2/76 (#154N/Season 4 Finale, aired 5/16-22): Five Price Tags, Race Game, Range Game. SKUNKED SHOW! Not-so-good video. [D-1.6/SM]
* Taped 3/1/77 (#193N/Dennis' 3rd-to-last, aired 5/15-21): Money Game, Grocery Game, Clock Game. SKUNKED SHOW! Studio master with slate! [D-1.5/SM]
CBS Daytime/Dennis James (December 1974, as substitute)
* December 25, 1974 (#1213D/"Pinch-Hit" #2, taped 12/2): Grocery Game, Any Number, Most Expensive. SKUNKED SHOW! Johnny Olson appears as Santa Claus for Showcase #2! GSN repeat(!) from 1997, with some commercials. [D-1.3/GSN]
Weekly Syndication/Bob Barker (1977-80)
* Taped 3/12/80 (#300N/Unannounced Finale, reran 9/7-13): Money Game, CLIFF HANGERS, One Right Price. Studio master with slate, bad-but-watchable video, slate is incomplete. [D-1.7/SM]

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