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Where I give a heartfelt shout-out to those I've traded with, as well as the various places I've gotten various information from, to make my collection what it is today.


* J.M. Vargas (Discs 1-6/13-32 and Tapes 22-23: Fleming Jeopardy!, a lot of 1972-2000 Price Is Right episodes, and a good deal of other stuff I can't remember)
* Christopher Cook (Discs 8-11: great stuff including Monopoly, Super Jeopardy!, the original Concentration, and quite a few 1960s obscurities)
* John Berkebile (Tapes 41-43, filled with Price goodness including the first week from 1972)
* Brian Aronson (gracious man who sent me one disc {Disc 34} containing two Jeopardy! episodes that haven't been added to this site yet)
* ShippingAnywhere (purchased Disc 35 from here, containing some public-domain game shows that haven't been added to this site yet)
* Matt Ottinger (eight discs {Discs 36-43} of game shows featuring Bill Cullen, none of which have been added to this site yet)



* Various eBay sellers (several board games, including Pay Cards! and three Wheel of Fortune titles)
* Various thrift stores, secondhand shops, etc. including Goodwill (lots of board games)
* Various users at the Game Show Forum, Buy A Vowel Boards,, and Game Show Paradise for all sorts of information over the years
* The Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows, without which I'd be stumbling around in the dark a lot more often
* BCI, Mill Creek, and Shout! Factory, for releasing a lot of great game show stuff on DVD (they'll be in the collection, but have different codes than the regular listings)

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