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This is where all the old updates to the front page go, mainly to free up space on the main page and make it not be as cluttered.


NOVEMBER 7, 2015

Yes, I've finally made a significant update! I've removed the Price Season 34 and Millionaire pages, consolidating them into the main Price page and V-Z respectively. I've also added the rest of my 2005 Price shows and my Millionaire collection (through early 2008, at least), and slightly rewrote the other pages as well.

I've also moved my old main-page and collection updates to a new page, accessible at the top of the "Newly Added" page. Y'know, just in case. :P Hopefully, I'll be able to get my entire "old" collection up by Thanksgiving...and then we can start on the new stuff. :)

UPDATE (3:00 PM): I've added my You Bet Your Life shows and finished up the Pilots/Foreign Games/Related Stuff page. :)


OCTOBER 14, 2013

Not much, although the "Thanks!", Pay Cards!, and The Other Guy pages have been rewritten a bit to trim out some unneeded stuff and look a bit nicer. I've also added a picture to the front page. :)



The Concentration, Press Your Luck, and Sale of the Century pages have been merged into their respective alphabetical sections, while Pilots, Foreign, and Spoofs/Clips/Specials have been merged into "Game Show Pilots, Foreign Versions, and Related Stuff".

I've also been uploading to YouTube since June, so there's that fun stuff. :)


APRIL 10, 2013

Still no updates to the collection (wow, it's been over two years...), but the collection pages have been altered significantly -- I've removed the "st"/"nd"/"rd"/"th" and dashes from any use of dates, replacing them in nearly all cases with an asterisk before said airdates, as I felt they were unnecessary and didn't exactly make each entry stand out like it should. Some extraneous commas were also removed from the headers, for the same reason. As a result of these changes, "-August 23rd, 1988:" becomes "* August 23, 1988:".

The "Newly Added" page also received the same treatment, as well as finally being updated to reflect the fact that Barker's Bargain Bar is no longer on hiatus and is currently being played as Bargain Game.


FEBRUARY 8, 2013

Nothing major; just fixed two links.


JANUARY 9, 2013

Decided to get a bit fancy and create self-explanatory subdirectories for some things: "gsrulesandreviews", "boardgames", "collection", and "epguides".

...Wait, epguides...?


JANUARY 4, 2013

Happy new year, folks. :) Still no additions to the collection itself, but I've edited the Wantlist -- turns out, my brother was full of the stuff that bulls drop from their bungholes. Instead, I've replaced it with something I've been able to confirm happened: The Phil Benfield Show, from 1993.


DECEMBER 4, 2012

Finally managed to get "gung-ho" enough to remove some dopey comments from pretty much all of the collection pages (one being the use of "Game Operas") and basically do some much-needed cleanup on both sides.

Oh, and I've finally added some credits to the "Thanks!" page, above. Took long enough.

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