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Dan's Game Show Library

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The Other Guy (1967, WGN)
Pay Cards! Version I (1969, Whitman; includes details on Versions II and III)

LAST UPDATED: November 7, 2015
Yes, I've finally made a significant update! I've removed the Price Season 34 and Millionaire pages, consolidating them into the main Price page and V-Z respectively. I've also added the rest of my 2005 Price shows and my Millionaire collection (through early 2008, at least), and slightly rewrote the other pages as well.

I've also moved my old main-page and collection updates to a new page, accessible at the top of the "Newly Added" page. Y'know, just in case. :P

Hopefully, I'll be able to get my entire "old" collection up by Thanksgiving...and then we can start on the new stuff. :)

UPDATE (3:00 PM): I've added my You Bet Your Life shows and finished up the Pilots/Foreign Games/Related Stuff page. :)
* Some links will direct you to placeholders, already containing all the non-content formatting -- table of contents, backdrop, etc. Having a "placeholder" allows me to simply add my collection without having to create the page as well.
* Any "new" additions, unless specified otherwise, are what I had in my collection before I began putting it online.

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